SATURDAY 16th MARCH 10am-5pm
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This Course is for those who want to learn THE biblical principles ON BUSINESS & leadership! 
You are in business... whether you recognise it or not!
    Whether you are employed, self-employed, a business owner, or desire to start your own business... knowing the biblical principles of business can cause you to be an asset, whatever your profession. The quality of leadership determines the health of any organisation. Leadership is influence, and you influence those around, knowingly or unknowingly. Leadership at home, work and church are all based on the same principles, but are applied slightly differently. No one is born an effective leader - everyone can be trained to become a great leader! 

    Topics Covered: 
    Profound Biblical Strategies for Business Growth
    The Basics of Starting a Business
    What Makes a Business Grow
    Principles & Tips to Ensure Success
    What the Bible Says About Effective Leadership
    What Makes a Good Leader
    How to Make a Positive Impact Around You as You Develop the Leader Within
    Leadership Strategies From Jesus and much more... 

    Every believer should get equipped in these principles to leave a mark on this world
    and touch lives for the better

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